Ultraact zamusha

Tamashii event display of Zamusha

Ultra-Act is a action figure line created by Bandai. This figure is similar to S.H. Figuarts. Ultra-Act is one of Tamashii Nations' brands. The figures began release in 2009. Some figures are released at Tamashii event exclusive.

List of ToysEdit

  • Ultraman (1st release)
  • Gomora
  • Ultraman Belial
  • Ultraman Zero
  • Alien Baltan
  • Zamusha
  • Ultraman Mebius
  • Ultraseven
  • Eleking
  • Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type)
  • Kyrieloid
  • Ultimate Zero
  • Kaiser Belial
  • Ultraman Tiga (Sky Type)
  • Dark Ultraman Tiga
  • Ultraman Leo
  • Alien Magma (Brother Red & Blue)
  • Ultraman Tiga (Power Type)
  • Evil Tiga
  • Glenfire
  • Ultraman Gaia (V2)
  • Ultraman Agul (V2)
  • Mirror Knight
  • Jean Bot
  • Ultraman Dyna (Flash Type)
  • Zoffy
  • Andro Melos
  • Ultraman (2nd release)
  • Ultraman Max
  • Redking
  • Ultraman Gaia (Supreme)

Tamashii Event releasesEdit

  • Darklops Zero
  • Fake Ultraman
  • Golza
  • Astra
  • Jean Nine
  • Alien Baltan (Hologram Version)

Characters that hasn't been released yetEdit

  • Alien Babalou
  • Ultraman Hikari
  • Reionyx Gomora
  • Glitter Ultraman Tiga
  • Ultraman Tiga (Tornado Type)
  • Ultraman Tiga (Blast Type)
  • Alien Metron
  • Ace Killer
  • Kanegon
  • Apatee
  • Ultraman Jack
  • Ultraman Ace
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Ultraman Noa
  • Gridman
  • Ultraman Nexus (Junis Red)


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