Unleashed The Heroes

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Skylands Was UnderAttack By Evil Seltron on Loss In Cloudcracker Prison With All of Skylands on The Verge of Collapse a Special Team Called of Nintendo Guest Stars Use Vehicles Giant Powers And Trapping Skills To Destroyed Seltron And Bring Him To Justie They Are The SuperChargers Now Great Adventures Over Land Under Sea Through The Sky To Destroyed Seltron And His Army of Elements



  • Robin Shou Godzilla
  • Elijah Woods King Kazma
  • Stephane Cornicarde Sir Daniel Fortesque
  • Antony Del Rio Pit
  • Lyssa Browne Inkling
  • Taro Kudo Dillon
  • Kenny James Bowser
  • Corey Burton Zeus
  • Hironori Miyata Ganondorf
  • Takashi Nagasako Donkey Kong
  • John Lithgow Seltron


  • Activision
  • Toys For Bob
  • Namco Bandai


  • Wii And Nintendo Switch

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