Masked Rider Double - DX Double Driver Belt

An exaple of DX Double Driver and the gaia memories

DX Double Driver is a morpher belt toy created by Bandai using the superbest line. The toy is dedicated to the 2010 series Kamen Rider W. And equipped with 6 Gaia Memories including:

  • Cyclone
  • Heat
  • Luna
  • Joker
  • Metal
  • Trigger

If you have the Candy toy Gaia Memories, it's can be activated in this toy.

Toy ReviewEdit

The toy review video has been recorded and uploaded on Youtube by Bonorenosan.
仮面ライダー SUPERBEST 変身ベルト DXダブルドライバー

仮面ライダー SUPERBEST 変身ベルト DXダブルドライバー

DX Double driver review by Bonorenosan on Youtube