Bandai FFR Den-O

An exaple of Bandai FFR Den-O

Bandai FFR or Bandai Final Form Ride. is an action figure based on Kamen Rider. The toys were released with one extra Final Form Ride card. The card can be activated on the DX Decade Driver. Next go to the figure. The figure itself is added by effects so you can make the Final Form Ride weapons that can be used by Kamen Rider Decade.

List of ToysEdit

  • 00.Decade
  • 01.KuugaGouram
  • 02.RyukiDragreder
  • 03.BladeBlade
  • 04.FaizBlaster
  • 05.KivaArrow
  • 06.Diend
  • 07.AgitoTornador
  • 08.Momotaros
  • 09.HibikiOngekiko
  • 10.ZecterKabuto
  • 11.Decade Complete